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Sub.Mission At Global 2011:

Global Dance Festival 2011. Red Rocks Amphitheater. Colorado. Nuff said.

Ishe. 2011

Dodger & Thorazine. 2011
Dodger. 2011
Thorazine. 2011

Coult45. 2011

Rumblejunkie. 2011

Curious. 2011
Dirt Monkey. 2011

Unlimited Aspect. 2011

Fresh2Death. 2011

Nero. 2011


Back in CO:

I’m back in CO & although it has been hella cold [-20 degrees Fahrenheit] I’ve been able to keep warm with some good times & filthy noise.
I got to shoot some stuff already too which was a treat:
Some cool coaster that had some fun lighting set on it from the bar.

Tom from Hellfire Machina dropping some proper noise.

Bow to the Rumblejunkie.

Rumblejunkie in Color.