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Finally Updating Again:

Its been quite a few months since I last updated any of this site. I’ve been keeping busy and getting my life started up back home, in Denver. It has definitely been treating me well too. Since my last update I have shot quite a few fun things, including being the photographer for the very first Snow Ball Music Festival in Avon, CO where I got to shoot an amazing amount of artists throughout the weekend as well as met a ton of great new people that are in my life now. Since then I have been shooting for Sub.Mission here in Denver, CO & they have definitely been keeping me on my feet & treating me well. I am definitely grateful for all of they opportunities I’ve been given, friends I have made, & memories I will always have because of Sub.Mission & I hope I can continue to grow with all of them for years to come.

Here are some shots from when Sub.Mission brought Datsik out here on April 9th to the Ogden Theatre:
Dodger & Datsik. 2011


Back in CO:

I’m back in CO & although it has been hella cold [-20 degrees Fahrenheit] I’ve been able to keep warm with some good times & filthy noise.
I got to shoot some stuff already too which was a treat:
Some cool coaster that had some fun lighting set on it from the bar.

Tom from Hellfire Machina dropping some proper noise.

Bow to the Rumblejunkie.

Rumblejunkie in Color.