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Getting Dirty In Denver:

Sub.Mission brought out Ajapai & Halo Nova for a filthy night of fun.
Halo Nova. 2011

Ajapai. 2011


Finally Updating Again:

Its been quite a few months since I last updated any of this site. I’ve been keeping busy and getting my life started up back home, in Denver. It has definitely been treating me well too. Since my last update I have shot quite a few fun things, including being the photographer for the very first Snow Ball Music Festival in Avon, CO where I got to shoot an amazing amount of artists throughout the weekend as well as met a ton of great new people that are in my life now. Since then I have been shooting for Sub.Mission here in Denver, CO & they have definitely been keeping me on my feet & treating me well. I am definitely grateful for all of they opportunities I’ve been given, friends I have made, & memories I will always have because of Sub.Mission & I hope I can continue to grow with all of them for years to come.

Here are some shots from when Sub.Mission brought Datsik out here on April 9th to the Ogden Theatre:
Dodger & Datsik. 2011

Back in CO:

I’m back in CO & although it has been hella cold [-20 degrees Fahrenheit] I’ve been able to keep warm with some good times & filthy noise.
I got to shoot some stuff already too which was a treat:
Some cool coaster that had some fun lighting set on it from the bar.

Tom from Hellfire Machina dropping some proper noise.

Bow to the Rumblejunkie.

Rumblejunkie in Color.


Nectar of the Gods.

This past Tuesday Xan Dali opened a whole new door of amazing for Wilmington, NC. Bassheads along with newbies from all around gathered at the Coastline Convention Center for a show that I can only describe in two words, “MIND BLOWING!” To check out more photos from the Bassnectar show in Wilmington be sure to add the Xan Dali Facebook page to your friends. Next on the lineup from the Xan Dali team is Perpetual Groove with Sci Fi and Telepath!

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I’m Dancing With Myself, Oh Dancing With Myself…..

I had the pleasure last weekend to head up to Raleigh with a chunk of the Xan Dali crew to shoot the Silent Disco held at NC State with DJ Doubleclick & DJ P Funk aka Plan B, haha. It was a pretty amazing experience & I for sure am planning on hitting up some more Silent Events in the future whether I am shooting them or just another face in the crowd at it. Also it was my first time ever in Raleigh so it was kind of cool seeing what I did through the window of the giant orange van.
Here are a few shots I took at the Silent Disco. To view all of the photos from this event, the Chiddy Bang show @ Kefi, and any of the other upcoming shows I shoot be sure to check out Xan Dali on Facebook or at the Xandali Productions website where you can also see a schedule of upcoming events & purchase tickets for an event. Bassnectar is coming up quickly on September 21st @ the Coastline Convention Center here in Wilmington so by your ticket before it is sold out because this show is going to be gnarly!

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A Night Out w/ Chiddy Bang & Friends…..

I recently have been given the opportunity to lead my photography into another industry that I am also very passionate for, music.  I shot my first concert just over a week ago & I loved it. I think that this area of photography is something I could really get into & love to do for a long time to come. I had such a good time exploring this new creative world I can now enter with my camera & to top it all off I am making some really good friends & memories again finally.

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