About TI

TI Photography is an everything type of photography business. Owned & operated by Tyler Idleman he strives to create images that not only he wants to see but he hopes others will as well. Tyler is originally from the Pikes Peak region of Colorado, but relocated his life to the great Cape Fear region of North Carolina to experience a new part of the world. After a little over a year in North Carolina he returned back to Colorado to continue pursuing his dreams in Denver, CO. Tyler loves to focus on concerts, modeling, and skateboarding, but while keeping a very open-mind will shoot anything at least once just for the experience. Tyler has experience with nightlife work, action sports, portraits/modeling portfolios, weddings, products, animals, nature, and much more. His love for photography began at an early age having many members of his family passing down their artistic passion. His techniques and skills are all from the heart and own self expression having only one simple photography class in high school. Tyler also enjoys playing with arts of all sorts having interest in everything from producing music and fashion to painting and drawing. With his undying passion for the art Tyler has and will continue to teach himself anything and everything he possibly can about photography and how to make it his own.

[TI, Self Portrait, 2012.]


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