I had the privilege this past Monday to be brought on as the stills photographer for the PSA shoot with Sophia Bush. It was such an awesome experience being on set and being able to work with the great people that I did. The people from DoSomething were so funny and it was really cool that we had the opportunity to bond over the course of our afternoon. Sophia too is a great person with strong values that I feel others should follow. It is always a good feeling in my opinion when someone of a celebrity status such as Sophia goes out of her way to get involved in something to better our planet and will back it 100%. I think instead of reading almost daily about what Lindsay Lohan got arrested for or what the tools from Jersey Shore are complaining about, society should take the time to read more about people like Sophia Bush and how her teaming up with DoSomething can better our planet and our inner-selves alike.


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